About Simmer & Slurp Soup

For Simmer & Slurp Soup Founder Rachel Weil, cooking has always been one of her passions. Ever since she was a girl, she grew up loving everything about it and one food in particular gave her the opportunity to express her creativity: soup. Every soup is crafted carefully, and to Rachel the steps towards the final product all hold significance in her heart.

Explore these steps toward crafting the perfect soup below, and learn a little bit more about the company's founder while you're at it.

Step 1: Taking & Making Stock

Step 2: Do Sweat the Small Stuff Sweating Aromatics

Step 3: Delicious is in the Details Layering seasoning and ingredients

Step 4: The Wait Makes it Taste Better Letting the flavors meld

Step 5:Ladling the Soup How the soup gets to you

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