• Rachel Weil

November 6th


Cold Weather Beef Stew- So popular, it is back already : slow cooked beef, braised in red wine and rich beef stock, sweet onion, vinegar, GF flour, herbs, organic baby carrot, red potato and crimini and white muchroom. Topped with a few turns of the pepper grinder. (GF) Served with Slow Rise bread.

Stuffed Baked Potato – Hill Co bacon, sweet onion, garlic, GF flour, butter, whole milk, sour cream, shredded cheese, and red potato. (GF) Topped with sliced green onion. Served with Slow Rise bread.

Roasted Squash – Gales Meadow Farm organic acorn squash, onion, carrot, Granny Smith apple, spices and herbs. Topped with diced apple and halved pecan. (GF) (VEGAN) Served with Slow Rise bread.

Caprese Tomato – Sweet onion, organic tomato, garlic, organic basil, olive oil. (GF) (VEGAN w/o cheese) Topped with fresh mozzarella, balsamic reduction and basil. Served with Slow Rise bread.

Say Cheese... Today’s Feature Grilled Sandwiches : Served with Tim’s Chips (made in the Pacific Northwest)

Sweet & Sour Chicken- Thin sliced chicken breast, sliced green peppers, sliced Gales Meadow organic red onion, house made sweet & sour sauce, fontina. 8.85

Figgy Piggy- Carlton Farm ham, organic basil leaves, smoked gouda, fig spread and drizzled balsamic reduction.

The Holiday- Cometh Turkey- Thin sliced turkey breast, whole cranberry, dill Havarti, organic baby arugula.

BLAT – Carlton Farm bacon, sliced tomato, Tillamook medium cheese, organic local mixed micro greens and avocado poblano dressing. 8.00

Stuffed Backed Potato Chip- Carlton Farm bacon, sliced green onion, crushed Tim's chips, sour cream. 7.75

Glorious Garden- Gales Meadow organic red onion, sliced tomato, organic local mixed micro greens, fontina, and drizzled avocado and poblano dressing.

T- QUAD – 4 kinds of Tillamook cheese: pepper jack, sharp cheddar, medium cheddar and smoky cheddar. 6.75

Quintessential- Our perfect, classic grilled cheese- Tillamook cheddar. 5.00


Mango Curry Slaw- Shredded carrot and cabbage, diced bell peppers, mango chutney, dried cranberries, curry, sugar, vinegar, mayo. 4.00

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