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Wednesday, June 12th

Slurps (soup)- served with Slow Rise bread (Not GF)


Pulled Pork Soup (SMALL BATCH)- sweet onion, garlic, spices, organic tomato, organic beans, bites of pulled pork shoulder, brown sugar, jalapeño. (GF w/o bread)

     Go Green Gazpacho-  CHILLED - A plethora of green veggies and fruits blended creamy smooth and refreshing with a few other ingredients:  bell pepper, chili, cucumber, avocado, sweet onion, garlic, lime.  (GF). (VEGAN). 

     Mulligatawny- (Mull-i-gaw-taw-knee)- Sweet onion, butter, organic carrot, curry powder, garlic, apple, roasted chicken, honey, coconut milk.  Served over basmati rice. (GF) 

     "Baconed" Cheese & Mac w/ a Kick- onion, celery, butter, GF flour, white wine, milk, cheese, Carlton Farm bacon. Served over GF pasta. (GF). 

     Tomato Caprese-  sweet onion, garlic, organic tomato, organic basil. Topped with balsamic reduction and fresh mozzarella. (GF w/o bread) (VEGAN w/o cheese)


LETTUCE WRAPS Made with 3 organic romaine heart lettuce leaves and served with Tim’s Cascade chips. 7.00 - BLAT- Chopped Carlton Farm bacon, chopped tomato, shredded cheese and avocado/poblano dressing.

- Glorious Garden- Chopped tomato, chopped red onion, chopped cucumber, shredded cheese and avocado/poblano dressing. 


It's forecasted to be 96 degrees today, outside. In the cart, more than 10 degrees hotter.  The grill produces a ton of heat and our little air conditioner is no match. 

In order to preserve and promote a healthy, safe work environment, I will not be turning on our grill tomorrow. 

Instead, we are offering sandwich combinations that are delicious cold, as well as an option to have your bread toasted on are Foreman press grill.  We appreciate your flexibility and understanding as we do our best to serve the same awesome sandwiches with a little adjustment due to the heat. 

Thank you!

Say Cheese- our featured grilled cheese on Slow Rise Ciabatta and served with Tim’s Cascade chips-  Made COLD (Toasted bread optional)

     Sweet & Zesty Garden- Tillamook medium cheddar, sliced cucumber, sliced tomato, sliced red onion, NW Microgreens mixed micro greens, mayo and drizzled sweet chili sauce. 7.85

     The Great Turk-Pesto! - This sandwich is magic!  Take the first bite and what it disappear.  Fresh mozzarella, pesto, sliced turkey, sliced tomato and mayo. 8.75

      CBGB- This ain't no party, this ain't no disco.  This is a seriously good sandwich:  Carlton Farm Canadian Bacon, garlic butter spread and smoked gouda, sweet hot Pervian peppers and NW Microgreens micro arugula.  This ain't no fooling around. 8.40

     Apple Cider Apple Butter AppIe Bacon- Smoked gouda, rosemary, Carlton Farm bacon, sliced Granny Smith apples and apple cider apple butter. 8.40

     Ham Chili Even Though It's Hot - smoked Gouda, Carlton Farm ham, sprinkled crushed red chili, green chili, red onion, organic greens and mayo/mustard. 9.00

  BLAT - Tillamook medium cheddar, Carlton Farm bacon, sliced tomato, organic greens, mayo and avocado-poblano dressing. 8.15

   Pesto Is Besto-  Fresh mozzarella, pesto, and sliced tomato. 6.50

CHILL OUT Quintessential!  -  Our classic grilled cheese made as a cold sandwich (toasted bread optional) at a special price:  mayo or mustard, Tillamook medium cheddar and NW Microgreens mixed micro greens  5.35


S&S House Salad- Gales Meadow organic mixed greens, red onion, dried cranberry, candied peanuts and orange citrus dijon dressing. Served with bread. 5.80 

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