• Rachel Weil

Wednesday, June 19th

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

Slurps (soup)- served with Slow Rise bread (Not GF)

     Baked Bean & Bacon- onion, organic carrot, garlic, tomato, organic black beans, white beans, spices, molasses, Carlton Farm bacon, mustard. Topped with grated cheese. (GF w/o bread). 

     Chicken Pot Pie- sweet onion, garlic, butter, GF flour, roasted chicken, herbs, peas, green beans, organic carrot, corn, potato, milk. Served with a house made  GF buttermilk sour cream cheese biscuit. (GF) 

     Fiesta Cheese & Mac w/ a Kick- onion, celery, butter, GF flour, white wine, milk, cheese, spice. Served over GF noodles. Topped with green chili and chopped tomato. (GF w/o bread)


     Tomato Caprese-  sweet onion, garlic, organic tomato, organic basil. Topped with balsamic reduction and fresh mozzarella. (GF w/o bread) (VEGAN w/o cheese)


Say Cheese- our featured grilled cheese on Slow Rise Ciabatta and served with Tim’s Cascade chips-  

Say Cheese- our featured grilled cheese on Slow Rise Ciabatta and served with Tim’s Cascade chips-  

   Sweet & Spicy Tuna Melt- albacore tuna mixed with mayo, sweet & spicy pickle, roasted red pepper and red onion on melty Tillamook medium cheddar. 8.75

      Berry Basil Bacon – Smoked mozzarella, Carlton Farm bacon, strawberry preserve, organic basil leaves and drizzled balsamic reduction. 8.50

      Stuffed Baked Potato Chip- Tillamook medium cheddar, crushed Tim's chips, sliced green onion, Carlton Farm bacon and sour cream. 7.75

     Orange You Glad- smoked mozzarella, Carlton Farm bacon, sliced red onion, orange marmalade and NW Microgreens micro arugula. 9.00

    Pastrami Yummy- Carlton Farm pastrami, red onion, smoked mozzarella and dijon mustard. 8.00 

     Figgy Piggy- Smoked mozzarella, Carlton Farm ham, fig spread, red onion and NW Microgreens. 8.50

       BLAT- Tillamook medium cheddar, Carlton Farm bacon, sliced tomato, organic mixed greens and drizzled avocado-poblano dressing. 8.00

      Glorious Garden- Smoked mozzarella, sliced tomato, sliced red onion, NW Microgreens mixed micro greens and drizzled avocado-poblano dressing. 7.75

   Quintessential -  Our classic grilled cheese made with Tillamook medium cheddar.  5.00


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